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What if your drinking water becomes medicine?
It helps to cure
Cholesterol,Low resistance,Body pain,High BP

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Root Cause of any Disease

Today modern medical science has proved that more than 90% of diseases in the human body arise due to only two reasons

  • Lack of our blood circulation
  • Low level of oxygen in the body.

When all the 78 organs of our body do not get sufficient oxygen, the external bacteria (through virus, air, water, food) enter our body and make our body weak.The primary reason is the reduced body immunity due to low oxygen levels in our blood cells. 90% of diseases in the human body are due to lack of blood circulation and poor oxygen level. Stroke & Brain Tumor.

Importance of Blood in Human Body

  • Transport of oxygen and nutrients to the lungs & tissues.
  • Formation of blood clots to prevent additional blood loss carrying infection-fighting cells and antibodies.
  • Regulating body temperature, The cardiovascular system carries oxygen and nutrients, including blood, all parts of our body

E-Biotorium Provide Biomagnetes That helps to generate SpO2 at 97%

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100% NATURAL AND SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WITH ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. Biomagnetic therapy, also known as Biomagnetism or Biomagnetic Pair therapy, is a paradigm shifting, holistic approach to wellness which utilizes medium intensity (upto 5,000 gauss) Neodymium magnets placed in specific locations with the correct north or south polarity.

When accurately applied, this therapy restores proper pH and homeostasis, encourages the optimal function of organ systems, normalizes response to inflammation, stimulates detoxification, and releases emotional traumas held deep in the body's memory.

Benefits of Biomagnetes

Natural (Medical) grade bio magnets generate strong biological pull and energy force in blood cells and naturally improve blood circulation and oxygen level. Due to poor blood circulation, the fats and unwanted compounds deposit in the blood vessels, gradually increases the chances of heart attack. Continuous use of Bio Magnetic products makes the blood flow smooth due to which it helps to remove blockages.

E-Biotorium Network Pvt. Ltd. Products

High quality fabrics have a more well-balanced combination of vertical and horizontal weaves, which make for stronger fabric surface. Color-A good quality fabric should have a dye job done to match the finish. Look out for unevenness in tone throughout the surface of the fabric. The size of this magnet is bigger than other magnets and it is also more in power.

Scientific Bio Magnetic Mattress & Pillow Pads

Human being needs to spend one-third of their full dayʼs time in sleeping. Any qualitative or quantitative disturbance in sleep would quickly result in an increased prevalence of metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. There are various research papers which aims to highlight the growing global problem of insufficient sleep and its significant impact onthe rising incidence of diabetes.

“90% of the repair and maintenance of the human body occurs during sleep. Because while sleeping, there is an organ called Pineal Gland inside our brain which generates melatonin hormone. Due to which deep sleep comes”.

How Can You Improve Sleep and Strengthen Your Immune System?

Given the importance of sleep for immune function, making it a priority to get a sufficient amount of uninterrupted sleep every night can work to strengthen your immune system.

Improving sleep often starts by focusing on your habits, routines, sleeping environment, and even whether you have the best mattress for your needs. Collectively, this is known as sleep hygiene, and even straightforward steps, such as having a consistent sleep schedule and avoiding using cell phones and tablets in bed, can make it easier to get agood nightʼs sleep.

People with chronic or severe sleeping problems or issues with recurring illnesses should talk with a doctor. A doctor can work to identify an underlying cause and the best measures to address it.

Benefits of Bio Magnetic Water Energy Pad

What Is Bio-Magnetic Oxygen Energy Water?

What Is Bio-Magnetic Oxygen Energy Water? Earth's magnetic field naturally charges water in lakes, wells and running streams. Water is taken to a treatment plant for drinking as water passes through treatment plants and is carried through pipes to your home workplace, it loses its magnetic charge "Water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen“ Bio Magnets break down the molecular structure of water and reduce it which is beneficial for all blood cells.

Human body is 70% water and water is 90% oxygen. Therefore, 90% of diseases are caused by insoluble heavy water. Highly soluble oxygenated water helps to reduce all diseases Water is para magnetic - meaning that it will hold a magnetic charge.

Magnetized water has more hydroxyl (OH-) ions that form alkaline molecules which reduces the acidity. Normal tap water has PH rotential of Hydrogen) OF less than 7 (around 5 to 6) which means tap water is acidic. Magnetized water is more alkaline and can have a pH